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After years of hosting events with a guest list made up of an eclectic mix of young, old, fussy and hungry, I was encouraged by loving friends and family to venture into a life where I am paid to do what I love most! 


With a passion for making people happy through food, coupled with my professional history in art and design,

Table & Plate begun.


Working together with you, I create Grazing Tables and Platters to suit your personal style, or to fit with a particular theme, but most importantly, that will make your mouth water. 


With an obvious European influence from my family's Italian heritage, Grazing Tables and Platters are created to impress your guests and feed even the fussiest in style. 

“There are two food groups in the world:
there's the one you put cheese on;
and the one you put on cheese.” 

- Natalia Miranda -

Catering & Events


A grazing table is the perfect way to serve food at your event and it’s a great way to impress your guests!


The self-service table is a much lighter and more elegant alternative to a buffet, but rest assured, for those who wish to indulge their appetite and not just their eyes, they won't be disappointed! The food lasts longer and creates an atmosphere at your event of abundance, leaving your guests feeling like they are spoilt for choice.


It is also an ideal option if your venue has limited kitchen facilities, and looks sensational indoors or out!

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Antipasto Platters


Antipasti are made to be shared, and you dont need to have a party

to find an excuse. Whether it's Friday night drinks at home,

or an afternoon event, we have enough platters to go around.

If you are looking to add these to your next event, or spoil yourself

this weekend, check out our range.


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tableandplate@iinet.net.au  /  tel: 0419 399 125

Please note we are based in Perth, Western Australia

Call us to impress your guests.

Stand out from the crowd. Spoil them, spoil yourself.

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