Grazing Tables

What do Grazing Tables include?

Produce is subject to availability and depends on price per head, however the below list is a summary of what you will see on a table:​

  • A variety of cold meats, including a Prosciutto and Salami;

  • A variety of Cheese, typically including 3 varieties*, a soft white triple cream brie, a semi-hard and a cheddar (quality, variety and selection is subject to price);

  • Assorted wafers, dried fruits & nuts;

  • Assorted olives and marinated vegetables, such as Sicilian olives, giardiniera, cornichons or caper berries;

  • A selection of fresh seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs for both decoration & consumption;

  • Bread & Crackers

BUT! Sometimes we see something that works with a cheese, like a preserve, a fruit paste or tinned sardines, other times fresh chestnuts and cherries are available. The beauty of the tables is variety in everything! We love to include variety in each of the above mentioned, to make sure every guest is pleased! But if there is something specifically you wish to see, or want us to avoid, we can always work together to ensure its just right! 

What does a Grazing Table Cost?

June 16, 2020


There are two price options available (for per head pricing, please refer to our PRICING PAGE):


Option 1:  'A Light Graze' -  A light graze is designed to allow your guests to have a little nibble over evening drinks. This serving size is recommended for a morning or afternoon tea function. Guests would find that a light graze would tie them over until dinner is served later.

Option two:  'A Good Graze' – As the name suggests, a Good Graze serving size is more per person than a light graze, and would be perfect for an evening event where only light food or dessert is served later. You would likely find that this is too much food if you are serving your guests a Main and Dessert later in the evening.

*Artisan cheeses can be included for an additional fee. Artisan cheeses are sourced from local cheese suppliers and are subject to availability. They are often different and more interesting cheeses, which are not readily available at your local supermarket or wholesaler. If you are a cheese lover, you should definitely give this a go! If you enjoy cheese but wouldn’t know the difference between a soft washed rind and mild buttery brie, then fear not, you will still enjoy our normal selection of cheese which is of course perfectly paired with nuts, fruits and condiments!

PLEASE NOTE: There is a minimum spend on Grazing tables (not including delivery/pick up costs).

If you are providing a table, crockery and cutlery, we bring everything else!

  • Sourcing of local quality produce, design and food prep are all included in your per head price.

  • Additional Charges apply for collection of props, platters and styling items. $200 for same day collection and cleaning up OR $90 for next day collection (HOWEVER ITEMS MUST BE WASHED & PACKED UP READY FOR COLLECTION (or a $50 cleaning fee applies).

  • Delivery and setup is free if you are situated within 10km of the Perth CBD. Please enquire about travel costs when you make a booking request.

  • Hiring of theme appropriate props outside of what we have in stock can be included in your quote upon request and subject to availability (ie. Candles, tableware, and particular props). If you are after certain items, we can source and charge accordingly - ideally please provide reference images.

Artisan Cheese Upgrade anyone!??!

January 01, 2020

Are you a cheese freak like we are!?

You can opt to upgrade the cheese selection for a small fee (please see the PRICING tab for pricing)

The Artisan Cheese Selection p includes a range of locally sourced and made cheese to pair perfectly with your chosen beverage. 

Subject to seasonality and availability, the cheeses selected as part of this package are tailored to your tastes and needs. 


Catering to Allergies or Intolerances

It is possible for us to create tables catering to a variety of intolerances or allergies. We take great care to ensure no foods are cross contaminated with products containing nuts, meat, lactose, gluten and seafood.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that guests haven't cross contaminated once they begin grazing.


Therefore we cannot properly accommodate for all allergies or intolerances on Grazing Tables, we can however, make up small platters to cater to a few guest dietary needs at no extra charge. Products included on these platters would be limited to those which are clearly labelled by manufacturers and therefore variety will be limited. Customers must understand that platters and grazing table products are prepared in the same premises which repackage nut, gluten, lactose and seafood products.


If there is still something you specifically do not wish on the table however, please make sure you let us know.


If you have guests who have allergies or intolerances, it is important to let them know that we cannot guarantee an allergen free environment, however we are very happy to speak with guests regarding our products and services.

Styling, Props & Fresh Flowers

Natalia started this business with a passion for food, coupled with her professional history in art and design. Natalia is qualified with a Bachelor of Production Design, ensuring that attention to detail and design comes second only to quality produce! Working together with you, Natalia creates the grazing table to suit your personal style, or to fit with a particular theme. 


Most of our grazing tables are typically influenced by Natalia’s Italian heritage, but can be adapted to suit a particular theme or taste. If you have a particular theme to your event, or style in mind, be sure to describe this when planning your Grazing Table with us.

Environmentally Friendly as we are?

We are constantly striving to protect our environment while we conduct our business. From the little things like recycling, to turning our food waste into compost to feed our veggie and herb garden!

With an awareness of the environment, we also ask clients if they wish to pay a small (optional) fee to ensure all disposable cutlery and plates are biodegradable. Alternately, if your event is being held in a venue where you can provide crockery or cutlery, or there is an option to hire, we encourage this where possible. Please discuss this when you are making your booking if you wish to participate.

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